Vancouver Sea Salt

Hand-harvested sea salts from Vancouver Island

Sea salts from Vancouver Island Salt Co. lend that gourmet touch to both the everyday and the special occasion meal.

Carefully hand-harvested in small batches, the cold clear sea water is first micro-filtered to remove impurities, then carefully processed to ensure the perfect texture and flavour of the salt flakes.

Loved by professional chefs, nutritionists, food artisans and home cooks, these all-natural salts complement the flavours of grilled meats, seafood, toasts, salad dressings and even salted caramels and chocolate desserts.

The salts are finally packaged in air-tight glass resealable jars, to ensure that this essence of the Pacific Northwest reaches the consumer undiminished.

Woodsmoke Gourmet is very proud to offer Australia a taste of natural Canadian sea salt together with a selection of sea salt infusions from the wild coasts of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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Salts FAQs

Why choose sea salt over table salt?

Natural sea salt retains several valuable trace minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium) which are removed during the processing of table salts. Chemical additives are also routinely added to table salts to prevent clumping.

Unrefined sea salt is made up of what is naturally found in the ocean, so the taste reflects the characteristics of the waters from which it is harvested. This means no two sea salts taste the same, making for a unique flavour experience that stands in stark contrast to the homogenised nature of ordinary table salt.