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Woodsmoke Gourmet’s exclusive flavours are carefully selected to appeal to Australian consumers searching for high-quality natural products offering excellent value.

By bringing the taste of the Pacific Northwest to Australian shelves, Woodsmoke Gourmet products enhance and expand the conventional barbecue experience – turning it into something memorable and unique.

Once tried, customers will be back for more, demonstrating their new-found culinary expertise by seeking out fresh products and flavours to captivate their guests.

Why sell our products?

Offering premium barbecue products, such as cedar grilling planks and wraps, gives you a great way to promote sales of seafood and meat by tapping into the ever-increasing household gourmet barbecue market in Australia. Statistics show that 82% of households include an outdoor barbecue, and most people use them year-round.

Gourmet cooking implements like planks and wraps enhance flavour, lock-in moisture and juices, simplify barbecuing and makes your food look fantastic. Our premium maple syrups and sugars, rubs, salts and oils are ingredients that take regular barbecue dishes to a level befitting of the Pacific Northwest.

The raw materials in our grilling planks are kiln-dried to ensure the absence of insects, fungi and bacteria and ensure moisture content of 12% or less. Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is the only acceptable species of cedar for BBQ grilling planks. Woodsmoke Gourmet’s planks are clean, smooth and free of any splinters or loose debris. Every surface has been cut, moulded and sanded to ensure a clean food-ready surface.

Our products are always free of pesticides, herbicides and any other chemicals, and come in quality packaging which is eye-catching and informative.

Market trends

Your customers want products that help them keep up-to-date with modern trends in food and health
– that’s where Woodsmoke Gourmet comes in.

Outdoor cooking

Decked-out alfresco areas geared towards entertaining are a major feature in newly constructed or renovated homes. Gourmet barbecuing with planks and wraps is a great way to socialise outdoors and discover a new delicious eating experience.


Salmon is the most common protein used on cedar grilling planks. Tasmanian salmon is Australia’s seafood of choice, and the Tasmanian industry now produces 45,000 tonnes of salmon each year – and is still growing.


Tasmanian salmon’s pink flesh is not only delicious but good for you as well. Research indicates that the high levels of Omega 3 in salmon can have positive effects on the heart, the eyes and brain development, and can even improve your mood.

Australian consumers are becoming more informed about their health and are increasingly seeking out superfoods free of chemicals and additives. Our grilling planks and wraps infuse food with flavour without adding any calories, cholesterol or salt. The smoke adds the taste and the plank acts as a medium to keep food moist and juicy without adding any fats.

And those all-important vegetables – super-charged with unique flavours from our planks, wraps, rubs and oils – have never tasted so good!


Smoking food has become the hottest trend in gourmet cooking. From fine dining to roadside barbecues, smoked foods have exploded onto Australian menus. Our grilling planks and wraps have made it easier for every Aussie to infuse their favourite food with subtle smoky flavours – all you need is a gas or charcoal barbecue.

Woodsmoke Gourmet Cedar Salmon Lovers' Gift Box


Our products make a great gift for anyone who barbecues – for Father’s and Mother’s Days, birthdays and Christmas.