Why use a BBQ grilling plank?

  • “Planking” is a fun, healthy, and delicious way to BBQ/cook your food.
  • Try BBQ grilling planks to experience why this technique of barbecuing has become one of the hottest methods of gourmet cooking!
  • To keep meat moist and juicy. Meat grilled on a plank is the ultimate in indirect cooking. The plank shields your meat from the flames leaving it tender, moist and full of flavour.
  • Using BBQ grilling planks is easy. Just soak them and load with your favourite BBQ treat. Your BBQ stays clean and no more losing pieces of food through the grate.
  • Delicate foods such as fish, can be difficult to cook on a BBQ. The solid cooking base provided by the plank makes it easy to BBQ fish.
  • Great presentation serving your salmon on the plank!
  • All this while adding delicious subtle smoky flavours and aromas to your food!

Where are Woodsmoke Gourmet Grilling Planks manufactured?

Manufacturing is in Canada and USA. This is important because geographically, the mill is positioned in the heart of Western Red Cedar’s botanical range. (our most popular flavour !!)

Are Woodsmoke Gourmet Grilling planks food safe?

Absolutely. Our manufacturer’s entire business revolves around the selection and preparation of wood which is “food safe”. NEVER has any wood been treated with additives, pesticides, or chemicals. The oil on all machinery used is food grade!!

Can any piece of wood be used to smoke food with?

NO!!!! Firstly, some wood varieties are simply not suitable for smoking – you’d ruin your food!! Secondly, you should always assume that wood from a lumber yard has been treated and contains contaminants.

Woodsmoke Gourmet offers wood species with pleasant aromatic qualities, which have been used in food smoking for generations. Our management process ensures you have a safe product upon which to BBQ your precious cut of fish or meat.

I’m Vegetarian - can I use your product?

For sure! There are many, many possibilities for Vegetarians. Personally, my favourite asparagus preparation is with an Alder wrap on the BBQ! Stuffed mushrooms, zucchini, cheese even fruit! We’ve tried them all with great results. I see more and more recipes popping up on the internet for veggie/fruit BBQ planking and wraps!

What can I cook on my plank?

Almost anything. Salmon and Cedar is magic – and is probably the combo I’d recommend for first time users. (you’ll keep going back to this one !) Chicken, ribs, lamb, pizza, burger patties, asparagus and other veggies……….we can recommend pairing certain woods with specific foods, but it’s fun to experiment.

What is the most popular wood and pairing?

No competition. CEDAR and SALMON. It’s a classic combination – and by far the best seller. The fusion between Cedar and Salmon on the BBQ is something special. Apart from the amazing flavours, you’ll also find salmon so much easier to manage on the BBQ when it’s simply placed on a plank. While conducting our feasibility study for our Australian business, it came to my attention that many users in Canada/USA, choose not to BBQ Salmon unless they have a Cedar Plank!

Are BBQ grilling planks reusable?

It depends on how they’ve been used. Generally Wildwood planks are intended for single use. Our planks are manufacured thin enough to ensure optimum smoking results on the BBQ. If used the way we suggest, they will usually be unsuitable for further use. Also, much of the flavour and natural oil is removed after the first burn. Think about it this way…the plank is there to smoke and burn, to infuse your food with smoky flavour, just like you would use smoking chips, which are definitely not reusable!

If you are cooking vegetables, fruit or cheese far less time is required on the BBQ.  This means you can probably get away with doing a second batch. Another alternative is to set the remains of your charred plank off to one side of your BBQ as you grill meats or pizza. Closing the lid traps the smoke it emits, adding authentic wood-fired flavour to virtually any dish you BBQ. Your food doesn’t necessarily have to be on the plank to reap the smoky benefits!

If you cook using the “indirect method” your BBQ grill planks will have the best chance of being reusable. For charcoal BBQ’s simply set the coals on one side of the grill and the grilling plank on the other side. Likewise for gas BBQ’s, light one side, usually the front, and place the plank on the other (back) side.

If you are planking in the oven, your plank will be in much better condition after use, compared to planking on the BBQ, as it infuses food with steam rather than smoke.

How do you reuse grilling planks?

Clean the used plank by scraping off any food left after the initial use. Keep in mind that it will take on the flavour of whatever you barbequed on it, and some of the essential oils from the wood will be used up from the first round of barbequing. Rinse in clear running water. Don’t use soap. Re-soak the plank, for 1-8 hours; the longer the better.