Cedar grilling planks for that real flavour boost

Plank cooking was originally established by First Nations peoples in the Pacific Northwest region of North America many hundreds of years ago.

Salmon were harvested from rivers during their annual migratory runs, with the cleaned fish being tacked to slabs of wood and slowly cooked over fire. In this way, the salmon would absorb the natural flavours from the wood.

It’s said that once you’ve tasted salmon barbecued on cedar wood planks, you’ll never want it any other way again. Now you too can be part of this latest gourmet trend – and our natural red cedar grilling planks from Idaho-based Wildwood Grilling make it all so easy and convenient.

Complete with instructions on how to make the most of this unique flavour-enhancing cooking method, the planks will prove a sure-fire barbecue hit.

How to barbecue with planks

Plank cooking is a healthy, fun and delicious method of barbecue cooking.
We recommend using your grilling plank on the barbecue for optimal smoke flavoured results.

1. Soak

Soak barbecue grill plank in water for at least 1- 2 hours. A longer soak reduces the chance of flare-ups and creates more steam to carry the flavour of the wood into your food. Make sure the barbecue grill plank is completely submerged when soaking.

2. Prepare

Preheat barbecue to a medium heat of 180°- 200°C . Prepare food and place on soaked plank.

3. Barbecue

Place loaded plank on barbecue grill plate – not on the hot plate.
Close the barbecue lid and allow food to cook / smoke. Flipping is not required nor encouraged – plenty of heat is conducted by the wood to complete the cooking process. Cook until food is done to your specifications. Have a spray bottle of water ready for flare-ups.

4. Enjoy

Eat deliciously moist food with a natural, subtle smoke-infused flavour.

Our planks

The best in the business, straight from the Pacific Northwest.

Cedar-planked salmon burgers

The taste of a beach-side bar on your dream holiday.

Perfect accompaniments

Take your plank cooking to the next level.

Plank cooking FAQs

Plank cooking, or ‘Planking’, is a healthy, fun and delicious method of barbecue cooking. We recommend using your grilling plank on the barbecue for optimal smoke-flavoured results.

Why use a grilling plank?

The plank shields meat from the flames, leaving it tender, moist and full of subtle flavour and aromas. Delicate foods such as fish can be difficult to cook on a barbecue – the solid cooking base provided by the plank makes this easy, keeping your barbecue clean from pieces lost through the grate. What’s more, the planks provide a unique presentation for your delicious dish!

Where are Woodsmoke Gourmet’s planks manufactured?

The planks are manufactured by Wildwood Grilling in the US state of Idaho – part of the famous Pacific Northwest region. This is important because, geographically, the mill is positioned in the heart of the Western Red Cedar’s botanical range.

Are grilling planks food-safe?

Wood-grilling products are designed to come in contact with food, so safety is vitally important. Our grilling planks are 100% pure and clean with no pesticides, herbicides or foreign matter. The oil on all machinery used is food-grade.

Are grilling planks reusable?

It depends on how they’ve been used. Generally, planks are intended for single use. Our planks are manufactured thin enough to ensure optimum smoking results on the barbecue. If used the way we suggest, they will usually be unsuitable for further use, and much of the flavour and natural oil is removed after the first burn. Think about it this way: the plank is there to smoke and burn, to infuse your food with smoky flavour just like you would with smoking chips, which are definitely not reusable.

I’m vegetarian - can I cook with planks?

For sure! There are many, many possibilities for vegetarians. Stuffed mushrooms, zucchini, cheese – even fruit! We’ve tried them all with great results. You’ll find more and more recipes popping up on the internet for veggie and fruit barbecue planking.

What is the most popular wood and food pairing?

Cedar and salmon is a classic combination – the fusion between these two on the barbecue is something special. Apart from the amazing flavours, you’ll also find salmon so much easier to manage on the barbecue when it’s simply placed on a plank. In fact, many cooks in Canada and the US won’t even barbecue salmon unless they can use a cedar plank!