Rub With Love Salmon Rub

The secret ingredient for that WOW! factor

The secret ingredient in many famous restaurant dishes, gastronomic rubs are now helping home cooks produce gourmet meals in their own kitchens and barbecues.

Rubs combine subtle mixes of herbs and spices into appealing flavours that transform even the simplest of ingredients. These versatile hand-crafted products have a place in every kitchen – seasoning meats, seafood and vegetables quickly and easily to impart both flavour and texture.

Based in Seattle, Tom Douglas is a well-known chef, restaurateur, and author, specialising in Pacific Northwest cuisine with a special fondness for wild salmon. He introduced the Rub with Love brand after being asked countless times to reveal the secret ingredient in his restaurant’s Spice Rubbed Salmon.

This first product was a warm and sweet blend of smoked paprika with brown sugar, Kosher salt, black pepper and thyme. Since then, Tom has created a whole range of fresh, handcrafted, versatile rubs that add a flavourful kick and a whole lot of love to just about any meat, fish or vegetable.

Sweet potatoes roasted with veggie rub

A moreish starter to your barbecue dinner.

Perfect accompaniments

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