Cosman & Webb Canadian forest

Maple syrups and sugars from the Canadian forest

Canadians know their maple syrups and sugars – and this is the brand that they value above all others, with good reason.

Produced and packaged at the family farm of Cosman & Webb in Quebec, these single forest unblended syrups and sugars are certified organic and have absolutely no artificial flavours, preservatives or sugar added.

This certification guarantees the quality of the equipment used in the production process, the choice of environmentally friendly cleaning products, and the commitment not to use harmful toxins on the trees and taps.

The undisputed brand leader, Cosman & Webb maple products are gourmet grocery items for the connoisseur. They are also often purchased as gifts, as one might a fine wine or whiskey.

Maple pie with smoked salt

A smoky twist on a classic French Canadian treat.

Perfect accompaniments

Consider these additions to your gourmet cooking arsenal.