Cedar Grilling Wraps 8-pack


Size: 18 x 20 cm.

Protecting the food from the harsh heats of live fire while infusing a subtle wood flavour.

Includes cooking twine.


Based on a very old tradition of wrapping food in leaves or bark, these cedar wraps infuse that special zing into fish, meat and vegetables.

Woodsmoke Gourmet Cedar Grilling wraps are a unique way of infusing your food with a subtle hint of Cedar smoke, allowing for juicy, moist meat without having direct flame on your protein.

Upgrade to gourmet with the unique flavour & presentation delivered by a Cedar wrapped meal! These are great on the BBQ or in the oven.

This package contains 8 of our 18x20cm Cedar wraps and cooking twine.

Best flavour pairings: Salmon, shrimp, vegetables (Wrapped asparagus is one of our favourites), chicken, seafood (lobster tails, halibut and others)

Made in the USA.